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Mrs. Galaxy 2002

bullet Winner of Best Costume
bullet Winner of the Interview award
bullet Tied for Swimsuit award
bullet Winner of the Gown award
bullet Highest on stage question score
bullet Received the Visibility Award
bullet Mrs. Virginia Galaxy 2002

Ms. World Elite Woman2sm.jpg (91378 bytes)

Ms. World Elite Woman-National Queen

bullet Winner of the community service award
bullet Winner of the Fitwear award
bullet Ms. Virginia Elite 2002 (National results Sept. 2001)
bullet Selected as the Fitwear Cover girl for
Ms. World Elite 2002
Mrs. Universal Achievement 2002 overall winner

bullet Mrs. Southeastern Achievement 2001

bullet Who’s Who winner for health and fitness for the 2nd year in a row!

Mrs. Global US 2001-National Queen

bullet Ms. Virginia Global US
  Ms. Virginia Global America

bullet 1st runner up to Ms. Global America 2001


  Ms. Fitness US of A 2001-National Queen

bullet Fitness for Life award winner
bullet Role model award winner
bullet Most Photogenic (headshot)
bullet Most Fit (fitness shot)
bullet Best Interview (written portion)
bullet Ms. Virginia Fitness US of A 2001
bullet Ms. Richmond Fitness US of A 2001


Miss Virginia United America 2001
Mrs. Virginia 2001

bullet Selected as a top 7 finalist in the Miss Congeniality contest out of 62 nominations.   


  Mrs. Virginia Achievement 2000

bullet Winner of the Who’s Who Fitness Award
bullet Top 5




bullet Miss Angelic Beauty

bullet Prettiest Smile
bullet Most Elegant
bullet Sweetest Expression Winner, Oct. 2000


Ms. Virginia American United States Woman 2001

bullet 3rd runner up to Ms. American United States 2001
bullet Ms. Chesterfield American United States Woman 2001
bullet   Winner of the Community Service Award (overall)
bullet   Top 5 Photogenic (overall)
bullet   The Overall Highest Interview Score (out of all divisions)



DavidBartleyCrownPic.gif (142178 bytes)

Mrs. Virginia-America 1999-State Queen Winner

bullet Fitness Award Winner
bullet Sponsorship Award Winner
bullet Received the highest evening gown score
bullet Received the highest interview score
bullet Received the highest scores of all categories
bullet Mrs. Chesterfield-America 1999